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Dealstocker itself is a word of mouth engine which means, that every deal you publish will take on a journey straight to the buyers that are interested in it.


Why is this so? In order for buyers to get their desired product, they will spread the word to other equally interested friends and colleagues, thus rapidly increasing their own chances to make this deal a success. To motivate others, buyers adapt one of the oldest and most efficient marketing word of mouth strategies which enables you, the seller, to target the right audience, without any effort and additional costs. This strategy also enables you to promote your overall businesses, other products and published deals. With the use of modern social tools, like interactive button plugins, you can also promote your special Dealstocker offers and sales on your personal websites.


The final result is mutual consent. Buyers benefit from Dealstocker by getting the lowest price possible and have a direct influence on the outcome. Your main benefit, on the other hand, is great reduction of business risk and additional costs. Even if the deal fails, the outcome for the seller is beneficial in terms of business promotion and visibility.


If this is not enough, Dealstocker offers a simple an efficient marketing solution called Dealstocker Ads. Read more on how to promote your business with Dealstocker ads.

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