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Payment > Avoiding payment problems

  1. Preventive measures
  2. If the buyer does not pay

The best way to avoid payment problems is being a good seller and doing everything by the book thus keeping a good, open and trustworthy relation with your buyers. Mutual respect is the foundation of every healthy relationship. That being said, you can still do something to minimize or even eliminate any possibility for problems to occure.


Also refer to our Mutual respect policy, Payment policy and Communicating with your buyers section in our Selling tips and tricks.


Preventive measures


  • Be specific when choosing and listing payment methods. Choose only those payment methods you will accept. Think twice before publishing the deal, since you will not be able to change it afterwards.
  • Always ship in specified delivery time.
  • Specify and present only the countries you are able to ship your items to.
  • Calculate and recalculate your final product price, before publishing. Once you publish the deal, you will not be able to change the price.
  • Always demand a tracking number from your carrier, so you can present it to the buyer, if something should go wrong or the shipment is delayed and as a proof that your items have been posted according to terms and conditions.
  • Keep any proof of your item’s authenticity.
  • Always check and verify that you received your payment before shipping out your items.
  • If you choose to accept credit cards, verify that the credit card is valid by contacting the credit card issuer and make sure, that the credit card name matches buyers contact information. Also check, that the payment was made before shipping out your items. This way, you will also verify, should the credit card be stolen.
  • Joined buyers are legally obligated to buy the items they joined to. If they do not, you can use our terms and conditions or distance selling regulations to legally pursue them.
  • Do not except overpayments from buyers.
  • Use formal invoices with all necessary information. See invoices section to learn more.
  • Always apply the exact amount that was published in your listing, not less, not more.
  • Check buyers that joined to your deal. If you recognize users you had problems with in previous deals, please let us know.


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If the buyer does not pay


  • According to our Payment policy, Buyer usually has 7 working days to pay for an item, so do not panic just yet.
  • If you shipped an item before you received a payment, which is against our recommendations, the buyer usually has 30 days (by law) to pay for an item unless otherwise specified by you in the invoice.
  • If you still haven’t received your payment, contact your buyer and ask him, what went wrong and if it is anything you can help with. In most cases, buyers forget to pay or they lose their invoices. Sometimes payment information is wrong etc. You would be surprised how much you can achieve with nice words. Read our Communicating with buyers tips and tricks to learn more.
  • If you cannot contact your buyer or he still refuses to pay, find the reason why. It can happen, the buyer is not satisfied with the product you sent, the product is not a described in the listing or is in a bad conditions. In this case you will have to work things out according to our Returns and refunds policy. Also read Refunds section to learn more.
  • If this is not the case, you can start to legally pursue the buyer. Contact us for assistance.
  • Dealstocker does not and will not mediate, collect payments or otherwise prosecute buyers. We will take actions within our abilities and according to our terms and conditions, agreements and policies and terminate buyer’s membership.
  • In a case of fraud, you are obliged to contact the police and inform them about the situation. We will fully cooperate with any investigation.


Related topics: Payment policy • Communicating with buyers • Shipping • Payment • Mutual respect policy • Joining policy • Delivery policy • Payment policy • Privacy policy • Terms and conditions


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