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Learn To Sell > Deal preview

You are done! You successfully published and shared your deal. After sharing you will be redirected to product page to see your deal in action


Editing toolbar

Whenever you are logged in as a seller and you view your own products in the product page, editing toolbar is present at the top of the page, below the main search bar. You can edit your product directly from product page by clicking “You can edit this product at your profile” link or share it with your friends by clicking “All you need to do is to share” in the Editing toolbar. Learn more about the layout here.


Shared icon

Shared icon on the top right side of the product page, below the main search bar shows, how many times this deal has been shared by you and by others altogether. Learn more about the layout here.


Overview tab

Overview is a default view of the deal and is shown whenever a user (seller of buyer) wants to see a detailed description of a certain deal.


Gallery section


Gallery section is positioned on the left side of the product layout showing all 4 added images, the first being the main image of the published deal. The price tag with available pieces appears in the main window when only 10 or less products are still available.


Info section


The right side of the layout presents monitoring section with joining and sharing options, wish list option, joining progress bar, price, deal closing time and the quantity of still available pieces.


Deal options section


Deal options are displayed below gallery and info section:


    • Shipping: Shows which countries seller ships his items to. Read Shipping section our Terms and Conditions to learn more.
    • Delivery: Shows the delivery time in which seller will ship his items after receiving the payment from his buyers. Read Delivery policy and our Terms and Conditions to learn more.
    • Returns: Shows seller’s returns options. Every seller on Dealstocker has to have one. Please read our Returns and refunds policy and Terms and conditions, to learn more.
    • Payment methods: Shows which payment methods seller accepts. Please read our Payment policy and Terms and conditions, to learn more.


Overview section


Shows short description of a listed product with 500 words, to get the first impression.


Description tab

Describes the product in detail with all the benefits, specifications and included parts. It also contains additional photo materials, tables and charts. Learn more about the layout here.


User review tab

Shows comments and user reviews. Only users signed in with buyer account can revive products. Sellers are not allowed and can neither review their own products nor products of their competitors. User reviews can be rated by other users. The most rated comments are also considered most relevant and will therefore be displayed at the top of the page.


Related products tab

Related products show suggested products which are directly related to the product under consideration.

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