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Learn To Sell > How to sell (Quick guide)

  1. Register your business and read the ground rules firs.
  2. Add your products instantly
  3. Start the wheel turning (start selling)
  4. Ship your items
  5. Get paid

This section describes and explains some of the main features on Dealstocker. It will help you get started in a few easy steps. For more detailed description and more information please read other related sections.

Register your business and read the ground rules firs.

Add your products instantly

  • Set quantity of items you would like to sell. The more you offer, the better the price should be.
  • Set expiration date. By setting expiration date you determine how long you would like your listing to run. Buyers can only join your deal when it is active.
  • Upload beautiful photos to impress and attract your buyers. You must upload 4 different photos.
  • Describe your product comprehensivelyto inform your buyers. List all specifications, details, benefits and parts included.
  • Set the best possible price to motivate buyers. Check existing deals and adapt your business strategy accordingly.
  • Include shipping cost and VAT within the price you set.
  • Set delivery time and shipping options. Let your buyers know if your items are available in their region or country and when will they receive them.
  • Decide how you would like to get paid and present those options to your buyers, so they can decide whether or not they are capable to join the deal.


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Start the wheel turning (start selling)

  • Publish your deal and see, if you are the only one selling this item and what are your chances of success.
  • Be the first to share your recently added deal with your colleagues and friends and initiate the selling process. You are in control.
  • Target the right audience for better impact.
  • Manage and track your deals, ads, cannels, send and receive emails and other


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Ship your items

  • Choose the right package to ship your items. Make sure, your items arrive in good condition. Your buyers trust depends on it.
  • Choose your carrier according to your needs.
  • Export our “Report & Ship” document and use it to print labels.
  • And do not forget to enclose a nice and simple thank you note.


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Get paid

  • The faster you ship you items, the faster you will get paid.
  • Choose various paying methods that suit you most and present options to your buyers.
  • Remember. What goes around comes around. The better you treat your buyers, the faster you will get paid.


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