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  1. The strategy
  2. How to share

Be the first to share your recently added deal with your closest friends and colleagues and increase the possibility of getting this deal to happen. The whole Dealstocker concept is built around the idea of sharing the word of good deals among users.

The strategy

Keep in mind that since you joined the deal, it is in your best interest that the deal is closed successfully. And guess what?! With Dealstocker you actually have the power to make it happen. Simply share the deal you joined to with your friends and colleagues and invite them to join in. You can share with as many friends as you can think of, but quantity alone is not the guarantee for your success. Instead, carefully choose people that are most likely to join the deal.


Here are some useful sharing tips:


  • Share with people you know and trust.
  • Share with people that trust you. These are more likely to join the deal proposed by you, opposed to any other person or seller for that matter.
  • Choose those among your friends you know that are equally interested in this product as you.
  • Think back and remember conversations and discussions you had with your friends about a certain product.
  • Try to target friends that are a part of larger communities and share the same interest. For example: If you joined the deal to buy a gaming laptop Alienware M14x, you should consider sharing this deal with a friend that is a part of gaming community thus rapidly increasing the possibility of getting this deal to happen.

How to share

Sharing with the share form

Share form is always displayed in the last step of the joining process. Click the share button bellow the status page after you joined the deal. Fill in as many emails as you desire and start sharing by clicking “add another” button below. To remove added email, simply click the “x” symbol on the right.

People you shared the deal with, will receive an email from us with all the information they need to decide, whether to join the deal or not.

Share from the product page

If you find an interesting product and know someone who might be interested in it, share it from the product page directly without joining it. Simply click the share icon below the join button. In order to share the deal you will have to sign in as buyer.

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