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  1. Get deals to your email
  2. Front page deals
  3. Using search bar
  4. Browsing categories
  5. Subscribe to products or sellers
  6. Using wishlist

Get deals to your email


Days of searching and exploring the almighty web to find the right products are over. Let your friends be your eyes and help you find what you are looking for.

Dealstocker is based on word of mouth concept and sharing best deals among friends is one of Dealstocker’s main features. Whenever your friends discover or join a product and think or know you may want it, they can and will share it with you. Because your friends know you best, you will receive only deals, that you are really interested in, right to your email.

Preview the product, price and seller right from your email. If it is the right one, join the deal and share it further.

Front page deals

Top closing deals

Instantly find the best ongoing deals. These deals have shortest closing times and most joined users. If so many people already joined the deal it means, that this is most likely a very good offer in terms of seller’s rating, the price, delivery times etc. and has a great chance of success.

If the deal is in “Top closing” section, only a few people are still required to close the deal successfully. So do not hesitate and join now!

Most shared deals

Deals in “Most shared” section have been most shared among buyers. This means it is a good and interesting product with a good price, but there are still some empty seats waiting for you and your friends. Join the deal and put in some extra time to motivate your friends by sharing with them.

Last added deals

These deals were just added and you have the chance to be the first to check them out and secure your seat! No go and share it with your friends to increase the possibility of getting this deal to happen.


Using search bar

Use search bar if you are looking for a particular item. Search bar is always displayed at the top of the page so it is always accessible to you no matter where you are surfing the site. You can search and find anything at any time.


Simply type the keywords for your desired products and click blue search icon next to it. As you already noticed, this is a keyword based search. It will search for products and deals best match so it is good to know a thing or two about how sellers form their products’ titles. Here we go:


  • It is all about keywords.
  • Only 40 characters are available for your product title. Try not to use to much technical specifications in the title.
  • If possible use manufacturer’s official product title.
  • Use only specifications, used by manufacturer. For example Apple iPad 16G (defines the memory size) or Samsung Galaxy  Tab 10.1 (defines the size of the device)
  • Do not use any personal opinion of the device in the title, like “beautiful Apple iPad…”.


Browsing categories

Browse categories if you don’t know the exact name or specifications of the product you are looking for.


Browse top 10 most selling categories right from the front page. You can narrow down your search by following the categories down to the lowest level. Only one level at the time is allowed. So for example: If you are looking for a specific book. You know that it might me a science fiction book but you are not quite sure. Simply roll over the “Books, Comics and Magazines” in the left menu. 2nd level sub menu appears. You can also click on the “Books, Comics and Magazines” tab in which case 2nd level sub menu will appear in a new page. Now follow the levels down until you locate exactly what you are looking for. Choose “Fiction” sub menu. Choose “Genre Fiction” -> “Science Fiction”. This is the lowest level for this category. All books in this category will be displayed. Scroll up and down to see if the book you are looking for is here. If not, go one level up and try to choose another category.


Subscribe to products or sellers

Subscribe to product

Do not ever miss your chance again! You can now follow your favorite and desired products. If you find a product or a deal you want but don’t have resources or is just not the right time for you to join the deal, simply subscribe to this particular product by clicking subscribe button right below the seller image. If and when the deal is reactivated by the seller and published again, you will receive an email and invitation to join in before others.

You can view and track your subscriptions in your user profile by selecting “Subscriptions” menu in the left section of your profile and “Products” tab.

Subscribe to seller

If you have your favorite sell that has just the stuff you need and want and you trust him, you can subscribe to his channel and never miss a deal. To do so, first click the seller’s image to get to the seller’s channel. Once you are there, click subscribe button below sellers image.

You can view and track your subscriptions in your user profile by selecting “Subscriptions” menu in the left section of your profile and “Dealer channels” tab.

Using wishlist

Wishlist is a unique and useful Dealstocker feature that enables you to take control and set your own rules.

Use wishlist if you cannot find the product you are looking for, or the price of an existing product is too high. Simply enter product name and/or price you are willing to pay for it. The next time an offer comes along, that meets your criteria i.e. the price is same or lower than the price you set or product name matches, you’ll be the first to know!


To set the product name right, please refer to Using search bar section an learn more about titles.


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