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Learn To Buy > Returns and refunds

According to our Returns and refunds policy and Distance selling regulations every seller must offer one and is de facto included in every listing and mandatory for each seller.

You can issue a full refund if:

  • Items you received are different from what was described in the listing (color, size, specifications, condition…) e.g. the item does not match the description.
  • Items you received were damaged, not in a good condition or not fit for purpose, (appearance and finish, freedom from minor defects (such as marks or holes), safe to use, in good working order, durability),
  • Items you received were neither new nor refurbished (but used),
  • Item were not received within the specified delivery time (but later). Seller has the right to deliver your goods within 30 days from receiving your payment.
  • Item were not delivered at all, although you paid for this item in advanced and the payment was processed by seller.

You cannot issue a full refund if you:

  • Received the product that fully corresponds to listed item description,
  • knew that an item was faulty when they bought it,
  • damaged the item after receiving it,
  • damaged an item by trying to repair it yourself or getting someone else to do it
  • no longer want the item (e.g. because it’s the wrong size or color) unless they bought it without seeing it.

Sellers must offer a refund for certain items only if they’re faulty, e.g.:

  • Personalized items and custom-made items, e.g. curtains
  • perishable items, e.g. frozen food or flowers,
  • newspapers and magazines
  • CDs, DVDS and computer software they’ve unwrapped

How to issue a refund

  • To issue a refund you must contact your seller. Please note that when the deal is closed successfully you and your seller enter into legally binding contract. Therefore all the issues have to be worked out and solved between you and your seller. Dealstocker distances itself from this. Please read our Terms and conditions to learn more.
  • If you wish to issue a refund, you must do so in writing or in other durable medium (notice, fax, email, mail). A phone call is not enough. Address your refund request to your seller.
  • There are a few ways to contact your seller:
    • Find seller’s contact information in an email you received from the seller when the deal was closed successfully.
    • Go to seller’s channel and look in the left “General info” section.
    • Go to the product page and look in the left “General info” section.


  • You accept the goods if you are satisfied with what you got, you keep them for more than a reasonable time or you tell your seller that you accept them. If you accept the goods you are entitled to claim a repair or replacement of the goods in the first instance. Read our Return and refund policy to learn more.
  • You do not accept the goods if they are faulty and do not match the description, are not of satisfactory quality, or are not fit for purpose. In this case you are entitled to receive a full refund or claim a repair or replacement of the goods in the first instance. Read our Return and refund policy to learn more.


  • You are entitled to receive a refund or claim a repair or replacement of the goods if you cancel or return the goods within 7 calendar days of receiving them and/or placing the order.
  • If the reasons for your refund or a repair or replacement are justified, seller must refund in 30 days from receiving your request.

Returning the goods

You must return the goods in the same conditions that were received. That includes:

  • Packaging (boxes, packaging material…),
  • Packaging content (items, accessories…),
  • Documentation (tags, certificates, manuals…)


New items must be returned in original, unopened packaging (box).


To learn more about refunds please read our Returns and refunds policy carefully.

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