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Learn To Buy > Register as buyer

1. Click on “Register” button in the top menu bar to register as buyer. It is free!

2. Read the Buying ground rules carefully and agree to them.

3. Fill in the registration form to set up your seller account.


Please note that, you are legally obliged to provide true and accurate information. To learn more please read our Terms and conditions, Rules, Regulations and Policies:


  • Register as business if you would like to buy B2B (business to business) without VAT by checking the check box “Register as seller”. Only legal person or company or registered business can register as business. To do so, please enter you company VAT number and click check button. If you are new to the business or do not have registered business yet, please read more about how to Set up your business in our Tips and tricks section and get started. If your business is registered, the form will fill in automatically. If not, fill in the missing fields and provide all necessary information.

  • Register as regular buyer if you are not a business. Do not check the “register as business” check box and fill in empty fields.

  • Provide your personal and valid contact information.

  • Prove that you are not a robot by retyping captcha.

  • Check that you agree with our Terms and conditions and Privacy policy by checking the box.

  • By clicking “Continue to step 2” you accept our Terms and conditions and confirm, that the entered data is valid and true.


4. Receive conformation email

  • A conformation email will be sent to your registered email address.

  • To finish registration, please go to your email and click the conformation link.

  • If you do not receive the email, please follow the links in the conformation screen to resend email.


5. Set your profile

  • Finish your registration by telling us little something about yourself. This information is not required and will not be published or displayed. It will, however help us find the best deals tailored to your interests and offer them to you.

  • Choose your job. If your job is not listed just pick the closest one.

  • Choose your education. If your job is not listed just pick the closest one.

  • Choose your status. Be honest:) This information is neither public nor displayed anywhere. it will be used only to find best deals for you.

  • Choose one or more interests. You can add as many interests as you like by clicking “Add more” button below.

  • Click Save Changes and view my profile button to get started.


Your identity, contact and other information must be accurate, valid and true. We will use your information according to our Privacy policy and applicable laws. Read more about providing information in our Terms and conditions.



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