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  1. Choosing payment methods
  2. Statutory demand

If the deal is closed successfully you enter in to a legally binding contract with the seller and are obliged to pay for an item you joined to. Paying for items is a matter between you the buyer and the seller. Here are some things you should know about payments:


  • Always pay for your items.
  • You must pay for your item within 7 working days form the day the deal was closed successfully.
  • You must pay your items in full an in advance.
  • The sooner you pay, the faster you delivery time countdown will start. Listed delivery time countdown for the deal you joined to starts when the seller receives your payment. Read our Delivery policy to learn more.
  • According to our What you see is what you get policy, shipping costs, VAT and other taxes are already included in the price.
  • You can use only payment methods published in the listing. You should therefore read seller’s terms and conditions listed under each deal on the product page, before joining the deal. Sellers are also obliged to accept all listed payment methods. Learn more about payment methods in our Payment policy.
  • No payment methods or options are integrated in Dealstocker. All transactions you make are processed by the seller directly or by the third party.
  • When the deal is closed successfully you will receive an email from your seller with all the information you need to pay for an item, including payment methods and payment options seller offers.
  • Sellers must not discourage buyers from using those payment methods nor selectively offer those payment methods to individual buyers.
  • We advise you, not to disclose any credit card information, CVC codes and expiration dates and send any personal information to the seller by email, telephone, fax or by post. Credit card transactions are almost always processed by third party providers with secure host connections. Please read our Privacy policy for more information.
  • Payment on collection, by post or sending money through instant cash transfer like Western union is prohibited.


Choosing payment methods


You can use only listed payment methods. If you are not able to comply with any of payment methods listed, you cannot join the deal. Here are some payment options:


Bank transfer

Bank transfer is one of the most popular ways of paying for goods or services. It is both flexible in how it works but also secure. Standard bank transfer payments are not instant. It takes 1-3 business days for a payment to clear into seller’s bank account.


If your seller offers bank transfer option, seller must contact you via email and provide all the necessary information.


To learn more about bank transfer payment option read Closing the deal, Seller’s responsibility policy and Payment policy.


Email should contain:


  • Seller’s company name (company name and address)
  • Seller’s bank BIC number (for example: BIC: INGBNL2A)
  • Seller’s bank account number or IBAN (for example: NL96INGB0004733929)
  • SWIFT number (only required for international payments)
  • Bank address (where seller has his account)


Credit card

In this beta version, credit card payment directly from our website is not yet integrated and supported. Sellers can however accept credit cards, if they have the ability to process the credit card payments themselves. In order to do so, they have to have their own merchant account with their bank and virtual terminal solution in order to accept credit card payments.


If seller offers an credit card option they must contact you via email and provide all necessary payment instructions and information.

We encourage sellers and buyers never to disclose credit card number, CVC code and expiration date to each other (in an email or by phone). Instead use verified third party payment processing solutions.


To learn more please read Closing the deal, Seller’s responsibility policy and Payment policy and Privacy policy.



PayPal is an easy, secure and smart way to pay and get paid and probably the best option for you. It enables you to pay without any risk. It also offers buyer protection.


Payment options:

  • credit cards,
  • debit cards,
  • bank account
  • buyer PayPal account


Email payments:

PayPal offers an email payment option with which sellers can request payment from you and accept credit cards, bank, and PayPal payments online. You will receive an email with payment request from your seller, that you can pay with one click.


Read more about PayPal options on their website:



Skrill (moneybookers): TBA

Postal order / cheque: TBA

Payment on collection - Not an option: TBA

Other: TBA


Statutory demand


A statutory demand can be used to ask for payment of a debt from an individual or company. When an individual or company gets a statutory demand, they have 21 days to either:


  • Settle the debt or
  • reach an agreement to pay.


If there’s no agreement, whoever issues the statutory demand can start:


  • Bankruptcy proceedings (against individuals who owe £750 or more) or
  • winding up a limited company that owes more than £750.


Choose the form for your circumstances and deliver it to the individual or company that owes you money. Use one of these 3 statutory demand forms:



To read more about statutory demand please visit


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