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Learn To Buy > Making a wish

  1. Adding new wish
  2. Wishes tab
  3. All suggestions tab

Can’t find the right product? Is the price to high? No problem! Simply add the product to your wishlist and set the desired price. The next time the product appears and meets your criteria, you’ll be the first to know.


You can also use this feature as an advanced search engine. Once you add a wish, the system will also automatically scan entire existing product database. If a product already exists i.e. is already published, you will receive our suggestions immediately.


To make a wish go to your profile > My wishlist > and press “+ ADD NEW WISH” button.

Adding new wish

Enter desired product’s title
Be specific and try not to use to much technical specifications. If possible use manufacturer`s official product title and specifications. For example Apple iPad 16G (defines the memory size) or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (defines the size of the device). Do not use any personal opinion of the device in the title, like beautiful Apple iPad etc.
Your product title is limited to 40 characters. This is because all titles on Dealstocker are limited to 40 characters, even for registered sellers.  This way, we can better match possible suggestions with your wishes.


Set the desired price
Set the highest price you are willing to pay for this item. The price you set should also include VAT and shipping costs. This is due to our What you see is what you get policy. When sellers publish their deals, the price you see also includes VAT, shipping costs etc.

Wishes tab

Once you made your wish, it will be added to your wishlist. You can track all your wishes by going to your profile > My wishlist > Wishes. All your wishes are displayed and chronologically sorted in a “Wishes” table (last added wishes at the top of the table) that shows 3 columns: Product name, price you are willing to pay for it and suggestion box.


Suggestion box also known as “alert box” on the right displays the number of deals and offers that meet your criteria. If the alert box is green, seller published a deal that meets your criteria and could interest you. The number inside indicates the number of suggested deals. To see suggestions simply click on the green box or number inside. Check the details of suggested deals in pop-up window or in product page and join now!


If there are no suggestions, the alert box will stay grey with zero “0” displayed inside.

All suggestions tab

All suggestions tab shows all suggested deals that might interest you in one list. To see details clisk on the “See detail” button and join now!

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