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Learn To Buy > Joining the deal

1. Register and sign in

Register and sign in as buyer.

2. Join the deal

Click the big blue “Join Now!” button in the overview tab on the product page and simply follow the steps.

3. Set the desired quantity.

Set the desired quantity by entering the number of items you would like to purchase in the product table below description (default number already displayed is 1). In order for changes to take place click the green “Set” button next to the form. Your order and the price in the status column of the product table will refresh instantly.

At this point you are not yet joined to the deal, so you can still change the quantity of your order. Once you made up your mind confirm your participation by clicking the “Join Now!” button below.

4. Agree to terms and conditions and confirm.

To join the deal you have fully understand and commit to our terms and conditions. Once you join the deal, you enter in to legally binding contract with the seller and are oblige to purchase and pay for items you joined to. Please read our Terms and conditions, Rules for buyers and our Policies to learn everything you need to know about buying on Dealstocker.

You must also understand that by joining this deal, it can be you, who closes it successfully. In this case, the deal will be removed from the product page and your contract with the seller enters into force.

If you are not sure you can comply with our rules and policies or are not serious about buying this item, please click the “Decline” button.

5. Check you delivery address and change it if necessary.

If you chose to join the deal, you are redirected to the final step of the joining process. Here you can review your order and your delivery address. At this point you can still change your delivery address by clicking the “Change delivery address” link below your existing delivery address. Pull down form will appear. When you are done changing your address click “Save changes” button below.

If you are already joined to another deal, you will not be able to change the country of delivery. This is due to our Joining policy. Also read more about shipping and delivery in Receiving you items section.

6. Share with your friends.

Share with your friends to increase the possibility of getting this deal to happen. Choose the right people to share with, since this will also help you increase your chances. Read more about sharing in Sharing the deal section.

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