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Learn To Buy > Closing the deal

  1. Receive an email from us
  2. Check your profile
  3. Receive an email from seller
  4. Pay for your items
  5. Get an invoice
  6. Receive your items

Once the deal is closed successfully our job is done and you take over! From here on it is up to you, to finish the process. To help you get through this process as easy as possible, follow steps in this section. Also, please read our Seller’s and buyer’s responsibility policy, Terms and conditions and selling rules about seller’s and buyer’s responsibilities on closing the deal.


To close the deal, please follow these steps:

Receive an email from us

After the deal is closed successfully you will receive an email from us that the deal is on. Each email also contains additional steps, basic rules and instructions you should follow.

Check your profile

Check your profile to confirm that the deal was closed successfully.


  • Receive a notification in a notification alert box in the search bar. Notification box will turn red with the number of new notifications inside.
  • Go to your profile > Home > Closed tab to check the status of the deal.
  • To check the status of the deal find the product and check the right “Status” column > Closing in:
  • If the status is SUCCESSFUL, the deal was closed successfully. If the status is FAILED, the deal failed.

Receive an email from seller

After you received an email from us and you confirmed that the deal was closed successfully you will have to receive an email from you seller.


Email should contain:


  1. Product title: should be the same as published in the listing.
  2. Quantity: Number of items you ordered.
  3. Product price per unit: Must be the same as listed in the closed deal and includes shipping costs, VAT, TAX-es and fees.
  4. Total price: Grand total price depending on quantity you ordered. For example. If listed price for one unit is £10 and you ordered 3 pieces, your total price would be £30.
  5. Shipping address: Your shipping address including your name.
  6. Seller’s company information: Company name, address, contact and VAT number.
  7. Payment methods: Sellers can only demand payments they listed within listed payment methods unless otherwise agreed with individual buyer. Read more about payment methods in Payment section and in our Payment policy.


    • Bank transfer: Provide all necessary information:
      1. Your company information (company name and physical address).
      2. Bank BIC number (for example: BIC: INGBNL2A). Learn about BIC.
      3. Bank account number – IBAN (for example: NL96INGB0004733929). Learn about IBAN.
      4. Bank address (address of the bank you have your account at).
    • PayPal:
    • Skrill (Money bookers):
    • Credit card:
    • Other payment methods, like Western Union are prohibited. Please read our Payment policy for more detail.


  1. Note:Your order will not ship until we receive your payment.” You have to pay for your items within 7 working days from the day, deal was closed successfully. Learn more about payments in our Payment policy.
  2. Delivery time: Sellers must specify the delivery time. Delivery time must be the same as listed in the closed deal. Sellers are legally obliged to ship your items within listed delivery time after receiving the payment from you. Learn more about delivery in Delivery section and our Delivery policy.
  3. Tracking number: Email must include your item’s tracking number. Use this tracking number to track your shipment.
  4. Legal notice: Sellers must also include legal notice, such as:
    • How and when you can cancel your order. According to our Payment policy and distance selling regulation, every buyer has the right to cancel his/hers order within 7 working days from successfully closed deal.
    • Who pays for returning goods. According to our Returns and refunds policy and Mutual respect policy sellers should include the following note: “If a buyer returns items without ineligible reason he pays posting costs. If the return reasons are eligible, seller pays posting costs.”
    • Seller’s address where complaints can be sent.
    • Any guarantees or after-sales services you offer.



Pay for your items

You are legally obliged to pay for your items within 7 working days from deal closure. Read our Payment policy and Paying your items section to learn more about payments.


Get an invoice

Every shipment must include official invoice from the seller.



Receive your items

Receive your items within listed delivery time from the day you your payment was processed by the seller. You should always receive your goods in a good condition. Learn more about shipping items in Receiving your items section.


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