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Buying Tips & Tricks > Buying Tips & Tricks

  1. Join! No risk and with nothing to lose!
  2. Share a lot
  3. Choose friends
  4. Wait longer, pay less
  5. More is less
  6. Check the seller
  7. Change delivery address
  8. Be serious
  9. Communicating with sellers
  10. Become a seller

Join! No risk and with nothing to lose!

Join the deal if you are interested in the product or you simply like it. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. If the deal is closed successfully, the deal is on and you will get the best possible price for the product you want. If the deal fails…well… nothing happens. If we find a similar product with the same criteria, we will offer you a possibility to rejoin the deal.


Share a lot

The more you share, the greater your chances of success. Spread the word of the deal you joined to, to other equally interested friends and colleagues, and rapidly increasing your own chances to make this deal a success. You are in control!


Choose friends

Share a lot but be careful about choosing the people you share it with. It’s really not about quantity but the quality. Mass spamming and sharing will not add anything to your success. Instead, try to find friends and colleagues that you know, are very interested in the product you joined to thus providing a greater possibility, that they too will join the deal.


Wait longer, pay less

Often, the prices get significantly lower if you choose to wait for your items a little longer. Most of suppliers have the policy to charge extra costs for express shipments. So in order to get the best price possible, lay back and be prepared to wait a little extra time.


More is less

More is less is Dealstocker’s key concept and feature. It is so powerful and unique that we used it as our main slogan and even named a policy after it. Now it is time for you to take advantage of it. More is Less is a rule. The more pieces seller offers, the lower the price should be. Imagine it that way. You and your friends would like to buy a product. The price you get is for one piece and it is quite high. You approach the seller and propose to him to lower the price of the product, if you buy 10 pieces. He agrees immediately. Now you have a problem. You negotiated a great price, but you still need to convince 9 more people, to join you. You call your friends and try desperately to motivate them to join you. Your chance of getting this product depends on it.


Check the seller

Always check the seller before joining the deal. To check the seller, go to sellers channel and browse his profile. Check out seller’s statistics and ratings and read what others think about him. Once you are confident that the seller is reliable, join the deal.


Change delivery address

You just found the product you desperately want. The price is right and delivery time is just what you were looking for. There is only one problem. Seller doesn’t ship to your country. If you really want it, you can always go and change the delivery address. Try to find a friend in that country and enter his home address as your delivery address. Read more about changing your delivery address here.


Be serious

When you decide to join the deal and the deal is closed successfully, you enter in to a legally binding contract with the seller and are obliged to buy and pay for joined items as listed. By joining the deal you can also be the one that closes it (if you join the last product available). You will then have the responsibility to the whole group of people that joined this particular deal. So be serious about this.


Communicating with sellers

The more you communicate with your seller, the better. Most of the seller-buyer communication should be carried out before you decide to join the deal. Try to ask as many questions as possible to get comfortable about your decision. If things get a little tense, follow these simple guidelines on how to communicate with sellers:


  • You can work miracles with words and the right approach. It is very important to build and maintain a good and healthy relationship and build trust.
  • It is very important to honor seller-buyer agreement.
  • Be calm (and don’t get aggressive. Good word always finds a good place)
  • Get to the point (Discuss the problem in detail. Focus only on the problem and not the seller himself and try to ignore the attitude, might the seller get upset during your conversation. Do not ever try to insult or get in an argument with your seller, since this will almost certainly end in dispute.)
  • Propose possible solution (or ask for one. Ask your seller to give you some time to work it out. It is always better to think and rethink your options before acting.)
  • Be flexible (If during your conversation you should find out, you made a mistake or it was just a lapses, admit your mistake, apologize and propose a solution. If you cannot agree on who is responsible for the situation, propose a solution from which you will both get what you are looking for.)
  • Contact us (Contact us or turn for professional help and legal advice.)

Become a seller

Can’t find the product you are looking for? Do you have everything it takes to be a seller? Do you:


  • Already have a stock of sellable items?
  • Have an idea of what to sell?
  • You develop and manufactured a great product?
  • You think you might have a great product?
  • You know a great supplier?
  • You are already established online seller?


If you answered one of those questions with yes, it’s time for you to register as seller and start living the seller’s dream!

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